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Seller reviews

I feel blessed to have worked with Liberty Real Estate. I was left with my family’s home in NJ after my younger brother passed. Traveling to NJ every week from Virginia was difficult. Luckily I was contacted by Kevin’s team, and we were able to get things settled relatively quickly. I highly recommend Liberty Real Estate Solutions to everyone. Great people; great work; many thanks!

– Diane Howard, Ocean Township, NJ on 7-14-2018

We had a very good experience working with Liberty Real Estate Solutions. The house we sold was part of our Dad’s estate and it was our childhood home. Therefore the selling process can be emotionally difficult. However, Kevin was very professional and made the entire process easy. He worked with us every step of the way. I highly recommend Liberty Real Estate Solutions.

– J.D., Roselle Park, NJ on 5-11-2018

Hats off to Liberty Real Estate Solutions! Being left with a house to sell is no easy feat. It takes time, patience, and meeting the right people to do the deed. Kevin O’Donnell and Lauren Norman are the qualified people to work with you and sell your property with very little to no hassle. I highly recommend this team of professionals if you find yourself in a similar situation as mine. Using Liberty Real Estate Solutions is experiencing satisfaction just around the corner. Thank you Kevin and Lauren.

– L.L., Rahway, NJ on 11-10-2017

Kevin paid us a fair price in sale of house, from my aunts estate. His crew were always on time when there was an inspection. He alway did what he said. I would highly recommend working with him.

- Sharon S., East Orange, NJ on 3-17-22

Kevin and Jon were so helpful and always answered my many questions with patience. It was a difficult situation that brought Liberty into my life and they got me through the whole process with compassion.

- Jessica R., Cranford, NJ on 7-15-21

Kevin and his team were very professional in the sale process of my mother’s home from her estate. I highly recommend doing business with liberty real estate solutions !!!!!

- Gil C., Elizabeth, NJ on 8-20-21

Extremely helpful every step of the way during the whole process of the sale of the house. I would highly recommend Liberty.

- Cetta P., Lodi, NJ on 8-25-21

Investor reviews

I met Kevin when he was in the middle of a project in Ocean Township, NJ.  We ended up talking about real estate and his business.  I’ve always had an interest, and from this chance encounter, we’ve established a solid working relationship.

I’ve witnessed and am impressed by Kevin’s honesty, integrity and professionalism.  He has a proven investment rubric which I’ve seen him apply to every investment, and he completes a comprehensive home inspection and deed search prior to closing.  I’ve seen him walk away mid-way through the purchase process when issues arise that revise the investment risk. 

As one can see when viewing properties on his website, he and Lauren make great design decisions and make all improvements required to provide great value to both his investors and the new property owners.  They do whatever is necessary, from cosmetic updates to new electric, plumbing, or whatever else may be required that he plans for up front, and that completely transform the properties they buy.  Their quality work has resulted in quick sales that have usually exceeded the asking price.

I reviewed several investment opportunities before starting with a small investment for a project with Kevin in Nov 2019, and have now completed or are in the process of completing six different property investments.  Kevin has demonstrated his proven investment methodology to me with every transaction, and has established a solid track record.  

My wife and I look forward to many more investments with Liberty Real Estate Solutions and encourage anyone looking for alternative investments with an “honest broker” to seriously consider investing with Kevin and Liberty Real Estate Solutions.

– Hank W., Oceanport, NJ on 8-5-22

I've been working with Kevin and his team as an investor since 2020 and have been extremely pleased with the professionalism and RESULTS that they have to offer.

– Melissa B., Sarasota, Florida on 3-1-22